Services available from a 33181 area dentist

Services available from a 33181 area dentist

In today’s world, everyone seems to specialize in something. However, when dentistry is already a specialty, why should you have to visit a different dentist for various dental needs? At Fain Dental Arts, we have designed our practice around the idea that you should be able to have as many of your unique dental care needs met under one roof as possible. To provide this type of comprehensive care, we offer general family dentistry and cosmetic dentistry services.

General and Family Dentistry

At our office, we offer general dentistry services that can meet the needs of everyone in your family. We will evaluate kids’ teeth as they erupt and watch for cavities as well as determining if orthodontic treatments are necessary to help permanent teeth and the jaw become set in the right positions. For older members of the family, we offer restorative dental services like dentures, crowns, and bridges, which can replace missing teeth and protect damaged teeth. Gum disease is another common problem we take seriously and try our best to fight with regular dental cleanings and education about oral hygiene habits at home. We understand that not everyone feels comfortable when visiting the dentist, so we offer sedation options for those with anxiety or other problems that could keep them from getting treatment.

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Cosmetic Dentistry

In addition to guarding the health of your family’s smiles, we also want to make sure that everyone in your family has a beautiful smile throughout life. To keep your smiles attractive, we can provide many popular cosmetic services. Teeth that have become discolored can be improved with teeth whitening treatments, and if other damage such as chipping is present, porcelain veneers or dental bonding can improve teeth. When adults have crooked teeth, they can still enjoy a straight smile with the help of Invisalign or clear braces, and kids and adults alike can still benefit from traditional braces. Even when you need a filling or a tooth needs to be replaced, we offer cosmetically appealing options like white fillings and dental implants.

Whatever your dental needs and the needs of your family may be, the dentist at Fain Dental Arts strives to provide all necessary treatment in one convenient location in the 33181 area.

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