The best way to restore the smile is with dental implant treatment from your skilled dentist in North Miami

The best way to restore the smile is with dental implant treatment from your skilled dentist in North Miami

Dental implants were first developed more than thirty years ago. Although this may seem like a fair amount of time, the fact remains that implant treatment is relatively new compared with dental bridges and dentures. As such, this revolutionary treatment still is sometimes not the first option considered by patients facing tooth replacement.

Those who do choose dental implants over traditional treatments discover very quickly the vast difference made by the focus on root replacement. Patients of all ages can, with dental implants, experience the return of their most natural looking, feeling smile.

Because dentures and bridges are designed solely for tooth replacement, their position on top of gum tissue makes sense. This type of design, however, is not without challenges. The problems with conventional treatments have become very well known. Dentures can slip out of place, rub against the gums, and even fall out. Due to instability, eating certain foods may be impossible, and speech may be affected. A fixed dental bridge is stable, but relies on two healthy teeth for support, thereby placing them under excessive wear and tear.

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Dental implants provide a far greater level of stability because these tiny cylinders are precisely inserted into the jawbone. In the months that follow the initial procedure, healthy bone tissue fuses around the implants, cementing them into place. Once topped with a crown, bridge, or denture appliance, implants supply the full level of function you deserve and expect.

An additional benefit to dental implant treatment is that only through the fusion of bone to implant does the jawbone continue to receive the stimulation needed to remain fully healthy and dense. Tooth replacements that sit on top of the gums cannot adequately transfer the force of chewing to bone tissue. This is why people who have worn dentures for years gradually experience sinking of the lips and cheeks, posing problems for facial contours.

It is possible to restore your smile to its best condition with dental implant treatment. Dr. Sylvan Fain is a dentist in North Miami committed to giving his patients productive, enjoyable dental care. You can count on the training and experience of our entire dental team to help you achieve optimal oral health. Contact our office for your visit today.

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