Stunning smiles from your cosmetic dentist in North Miami FL

Stunning smiles from your cosmetic dentist in North Miami FL

Happiness comes from within, but feeling great about your appearance doesn’t hurt either! Not everyone is born with a perfect smile, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have the smile you’ve always wanted. Through cosmetic dentistry, you will find several options to accommodate your problem areas. Dr. Sylvan Fain is a talented cosmetic dentist in North Miami, Florida. Dr. Fain and his trained staff at Fain Dental Arts can guide you in deciding the best cosmetic treatment plan for you.

A few of these options are teeth whitening, bonding, veneers, and dentures. Teeth whitening is a quick and painless treatment to whiten and brighten your natural teeth. Fain Dental Arts offer various treatments like Zoom! Whitening that is an in-office treatment. Most patients will notice that their smiles have lightened by several shades. It can take a few visits to accomplish the desired shade, depending on the discoloration of your teeth. Dr. Fain also offers an at-home whitening treatment called the KöR Deep Bleaching System. You are fitted for customized whitening trays and you use them at home for two weeks every night while you sleep. Both whitening treatments are safe, effective and produce long, satisfying results.

If you are looking for more than just whitening to improve your smile, options such as bonding or veneers may be for you. Bonding can repair chipped, broken, or cracked teeth. It can also fill in gaps. The procedure usually takes only one office visit. The dentist will apply an etching solution to the problematic area followed by a material that will match the color of your existing teeth. Most bonding treatments can last several years with proper care. A slightly more permanent choice to bonding is veneers. Veneers are custom porcelain shells that cover each tooth. First, your dentist will make impressions of your teeth and then send to a lab to be custom made. Your second visit will consist of the veneers being cemented to your natural teeth. Like bonding, veneers can repair gapped, chipped, broken, misshaped, or discolored teeth, and typically, veneers last longer and have a more natural appearance. It will take two visits to your dentist to complete the treatment.

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Teeth that are badly damaged or diseased may need to be extracted. In this case, complete or partial dentures could be a great way to transform your smile. Complete dentures are recommended when all natural teeth are missing or they have been removed. Complete dentures are made to fit your gums comfortably and can be removed for easy care and cleaning. Your jaw and bones within your mouth can change over time, so small adjustments might be needed. Partial dentures are a great fit if you only have a few teeth missing. Partials are artificial teeth made to resemble the shape and color of your natural teeth that are attached to plastic and structured with metal framework. They fit snugly between your existing teeth and prevent shifting. They also can be taken out to be cleaned and adjusted.

Obtaining that perfect smile is easier than you might have imagined. There are an array of options for any patient and any issue. Contact the Fain Dental Arts office today to schedule an appointment.

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