Cosmetic dentist in North Miami area describes the benefits of replacing silver amalgam fillings

Cosmetic dentist in North Miami area describes the benefits of replacing silver amalgam fillings

Cosmetic dentist, Dr. Sylvan Fain, and the skilled team of Fain Dental Arts in North Miami believe that patients should only use healthy and biocompatible restorations in their smiles. Patients with silver amalgam fillings may be putting their health at risk. This is due to the mercury in the fillings, which make them a concern for mercury toxicity. There are other issues that patients need to consider when it comes to silver amalgam fillings.

Negative Aspects

While silver amalgam fillings have been used for many decades, they are not the most appropriate option. First, they expose patients to mercury, which is toxic. This material is not biocompatible with the body, which can cause a serious concern for one’s health and wellness. Second, metal fillings are unsightly, resulting in dark spots on the teeth. Composite resin fillings are far more aesthetic and blend in with the natural smile. Third, silver amalgam fillings expand and contract with temperature changes. When patients drink cold beverages, or eat warm food, it can cause the fillings to have spaces between them and the structure of the tooth. This introduces bacteria into the tooth, which can result in infection.

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Composite resin fillings are the gold standard in tooth structure replacement. The team of Fain Dental Arts highly recommends this material as a safe and aesthetic alternative to silver amalgam fillings. Patients can request to have their silver fillings replaced.

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