Miami patients ask, “What is the cost of dental implants?”

What is the cost of dental implants?

Dental implants have become the gold standard when it comes to replacing missing teeth. This is for a number of reasons. Implants help stimulate the jawbone, keeping it strong and healthy. When teeth are gone, the gum line beings to pull away and recede, remaining teeth move and fall out, and the bone begins to resorb. They are also permanent and secure to allow for normal functionality.

Dental implants help solve two problems: they maintain functionality and appearance. The implants serve as replacements for the missing tooth roots, which creates a stable foundation for the remaining portion of the restoration. Once the implant is surgically placed into the bone, it is left alone to heal and fuse during osseointegration. Once this process has completed, the implant is fitted with an abutment and a final prosthetic such as a crown or dentures.

Many of our patients come to us wondering if dental implants are cost effective. While dental implants can be more expensive than other restorations, there are some important factors to consider.

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  1. Dental implants are permanent, while other restorations may need to be replaced. Because of bone resorption and the shifting of teeth, it’s common for patients to have to replace traditional dentures due to a change in fit.
  2. Dental implants provide a level of security and stability that mimics natural teeth.Dentures held in place with suction or denture adhesive can shift around or fall out, which can be embarrassing. With implants, you can bite, chew, and speak with confidence.

Dental implants can be used to replace as little as one tooth, up to an entire arch. We utilize porcelain restorations on your implants. Porcelain possesses many of the same characteristics as tooth enamel and can be color matched to look extremely natural.

The actual cost of dental implants varies based on the number of implants required. To get an accurate idea of the investment and benefits associated with dental implants, we invite you to call us at our Miami, FL office to schedule a consult.

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