Dentist offers dental crowns and bridges near North Miami, FL 33181

Dentist offers dental crowns and bridges near North Miami, FL 33181

Dental crowns are caps that cover weakened or damaged teeth. You need a crown as an adult if your tooth is weakened from decay or has been broken, has been severely worn down, to help protect old dental work, or to cover the tooth if it has been discolored or misshapen. A child might need a crown on his or her primary tooth to save a tooth decayed so much it cannot support a filling.

Several types of crowns are available to meet patients’ individual needs. All metal crowns, including gold crowns need less of the tooth removed to place them, are thinner and more resistant to wear, and rarely chip or break. While gold crowns may be looked on by some as a fashion statement, most of the time metal crowns are used on the back teeth out of sight. Porcelain fused to metal and metal free all ceramic crowns are used more on the front teeth, as they are more easily matched to the teeth surrounding teeth for seamless integration. Dr. Fain is very experienced in gently placing crowns on your teeth and will be happy to help you choose which crown is right for you.

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If the tooth is unable to be saved or it is missing, a dental bridge would be a good option to fill the gap. A dental bridge consists of a crown on the two teeth adjacent to the gap (called abutment teeth) fused to a replacement tooth in between (called a pontic). The bridge can be made from metal, porcelain, or a combination of those materials.

To keep your crowns or your bridge strong and healthy, proper oral hygiene must be observed. Normal brushing and flossing daily should be combined with regular visits to your dentist. Your dentist or dental hygienist will be happy to demonstrate brushing techniques and other care upon request.

Dr. Fain and the staff at Fain Dental Arts want to help patients enjoy beautiful, healthy smiles. Our office address is 11645 Biscayne Blvd., Suite 407, North Miami, FL 33181. Call us at 305-891-2621.

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