Choose gentle dental options when exploring family & cosmetic dentistry in North Miami FL

Choose gentle dental options when exploring family & cosmetic dentistry in North Miami FL

There are more dentists in Florida than any other state, with the exception of California. In Miami and the surrounding area alone, there are nearly 800 general dentists for you to choose from. Oral health is a journey, so the dentist you choose matters. Fain Dental Arts distinguishes itself favorably from other dental practice options in and around North Miami, FL with quality products and materials, and personalized, compassionate, and gentle care that is unique to each patient. You’ll want to keep coming back for the check-ups and preventive services that are a foundation of general and family dentistry. The beauty of your smile and confidence can benefit from easy, natural-looking, and affordable cosmetic dentistry options such as porcelain veneers and Invisalign.

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A world of benefits in your backyard

Whitening may also be combined with other cosmetic dentistry options

Healthy relationships with the dentist are made, not born. Dr. Fain generally recommends professional dental care start between the ages of two and three. The most common cause of dental fear is negative experiences in early childhood. Fain Dental Arts nurtures positive experiences among the young and adult patients alike. Those who keep check-ups and professional cleanings, usually at six-month intervals, generally experience less tooth loss and better oral health. Studies have also linked poor oral health to an increased risk of conditions from osteoporosis to heart disease. Seeking a dentist only when you are in extreme pain is time-consuming, costly, and puts you at increased risk of developing serious system-wide infections; for example, dental abscesses can spread to other parts of the face and body.

When fear stands in the way of you and your dentist, the approach shifts from preventive or proactive care to reactive, restorative treatment. Dr. Fain’s team understands that accidents happen, and gum disease has a genetic component. But every patient benefits from ongoing exams and cleanings. Decay and gum disease are the biggest sources of tooth loss, yet are largely preventable with home hygiene and professional care:

  • You can manage the development of plaque. Brushing and flossing properly prevents this sticky, destructive from building up. Eating a nutritious diet and avoiding sugars help. Sugars combine with the bacteria in plaque to produce acids that eat away at the tooth, from the outside in.
  • The removal of hardened plaque requires professional intervention. This tartar or calculus doesn’t budge with brushing and flossing alone. Once allowed to harden, Fain Dental Arts’ hygienists use special instruments and techniques to effectively remove tartar.
  • Dr. Fain examines your teeth and gums. Plaque inflames gum tissue. If allowed to progress, pockets form between the teeth and gums. Teeth may become loose and fall out or need extractions. But, in the earliest stages of gum disease, you may not notice anything. Only your dentist identifies the subtle signs that, if left untreated, damage your teeth and gums, and result in the need for treatment.
  • He’ll make sure fillings and other restorations are in good condition. Worn fillings or crowns harbor harmful bacteria.
  • The dental team recommends effective oral care products and demonstrates the best ways to brush and floss. Some patients may benefit from interdental brushes or floss threaders. These products aid with thorough cleaning, especially among patients with dental bridges or orthodontic appliances who are challenged to clean between tight spaces or around braces.

Dr. Fain may suggest preventive sealants. He places these thin plastic coverings on cavity-prone teeth, such as hard-to-reach molars. Sealants prevent food from getting lodged in their grooved and pitted surfaces.

Fain Dental Arts has created an environment that fosters trust and comfort. Sedation options are available to put patients with varying degrees of fear or anxiety at ease. Dr. Fain may also recommend relaxing medications to avoid dental fatigue during long appointments, or when several procedures are combined during a single appointment.

Whitening may also be combined with other cosmetic dentistry options

You may opt for cosmetic procedures. One of the easiest and fastest ways to transform the appearance of your smile is with teeth bleaching. Dr. Fain offers the new and improved version of popular “power whitener”: Zoom2! KöR deep bleaching is a system that lifts notoriously stubborn discoloration; for example, stains caused by antibiotics use.

Whitening may also be combined with other cosmetic dentistry options, such as:

  • Porcelain veneers to correct chips, close gaps, and reshape teeth
  • The “invisible” alternative to braces: Invisalign
  • Natural-looking white fillings
  • Tooth-colored restorations
  • The next best thing to natural, healthy teeth: Dental implants to support crowns or dentures

Fain Dental Arts looks forward to transforming your smile with restorative and health-giving treatments. Call 305-891-2621.

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