Your dentist in North Miami can handle what concerns you

Your dentist in North Miami can handle what concerns you

Choosing which dentist is most qualified to take care of your family’s dental needs can be a challenging task. This is not because there are not highly trained dentists in our area, but because there is more to finding the right dentist in North Miami than looking for credentials. Dr. Fain is an extensively trained dentist who can complete basic services as well as cosmetic and surgical treatments. However, our philosophy is also that we are partners with our patients.

Dr. Fain provides treatments for patients in and around the Miami area, creating positive dental experience for patients of all ages. Our caring staff is able to serve the dental needs of your entire family, providing general exams and cleanings, teeth whitening, dentures, and dental implants.

Many dental practices in Miami can offer similar services. What makes our office different is how we treat each patient. No two people are exactly alike. Even if the same type of treatment is being performed, the manner in which it is completed may vary. For instance, patients who experience dental anxiety are right at home in our Miami dental practice because we are compassionate and gentle, and offer both nitrous oxide and conscious sedation when needed. We ensure that you are treated safely, gently, and comfortably, and that your smile looks and feels as you wish.

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While we work with our patients to maintain the highest degree of oral health, through regular cleanings and restorative care when needed, we also understand the need for an attractive smile! In addition to offering white dental fillings and porcelain -covered dental crowns, Dr. Fain can also help you transform your smile through the appropriate cosmetic services. You may benefit from our in-office or at-home teeth whitening treatments, or from custom-crafted porcelain veneers. Whatever your needs, our well-equipped dental office has the tools and technology to help you accomplish your goals.

We believe that every person who visits our office deserves to have a healthy, attractive smile. At Fain Dental Arts, your smile is in good hands. You and your family will receive quality, individualized care that meets your needs.

If you have not found the ideal dentist in North Miami, we invite you to stop by and meet our friendly, knowledgeable staff, or to schedule a consultation with Dr. Fain.

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