General Dentistry services available near North Miami, FL 33181

General Dentistry services available near North Miami, FL 33181

Dr. Sylvan Fain and the team of Fain Dental Arts are located near North Miami, FL 33181 and provide many services including cosmetic, sedation, and general dentistry. When patients are interested in working with a quality, experienced dentist, they often turn to our practice for better oral health and wellness.

Dr. Sylvan Fain believes that smiles should be both beautiful and healthy. He offers preventative and general dentistry procedures including:

Professional teeth cleaning

Maintaining a healthy smile is done with good home health care, but sometimes there are areas where it can be difficult to remove plaque and tartar. This is where Fain Dental Arts comes in, providing thorough, professional teeth cleanings. These are recommended every six months at recall appointments.

X-rays and diagnostics

New patients often go through a series of x-rays so Dr. Sylvan Fain can provide optimum care. They may also be done periodically to check the status of the smile underneath the gum line that cannot be seen with a physical examination. Diagnostics allow the dentist the ability to check for problems.

Examinations for oral cancer, cavities, and disease

At each visit, Dr. Sylvan Fain will examine the smile and look for signs of periodontal disease, tooth decay, and oral cancer.

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Periodontal therapy

When gum disease develops, it must be handled by a dental professional in order to reverse the condition and bring the smile back to health. Periodontal therapy is a treatment that is done to remove the bacteria from the smile and address the disease.

Fillings for areas of decay

Cavities require attention before they go deeper into a tooth and become painful and problematic. When areas of decay are found, Dr. Sylvan Fain can fill them with composite resin bonding to restore the tooth’s structure and function.

Dental sealants

Many patients who are at a higher risk for decay and disease may benefit from special dental sealants and fluoride treatments which can help maintain dental health.

At Fain Dental Arts, we are a family-friendly practice that provides dental care for patients of all ages, including children, and welcome families to our facility to learn more about the wide range of treatments available. From cosmetic procedures to preventative care, we believe that oral health is the epitome of overall wellness.

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