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Fain Dental Arts is happy to combine artistry with advanced science to offer orthodontic treatment that is no more costly or less effective than conventional treatment, but is far more comfortable, convenient, and discreet than braces. As your answer to a search for an “Invisalign Dentist Near Me in North Miami,” Dr. Sylvan Fain and the team share how it works to demonstrate the beauty and ease of today’s alternative to obvious brackets and wires.

As with all procedures, your orthodontic treatment plan starts with a thorough consultation and evaluation. We only move forward with treatment on healthy mouths. Existing decay or disease must be resolved prior to treatment. The FDA-approved Invisalign has been available in the U.S. since 1999, and during this time technological innovations have resulted in more patients being well-suited to this type of orthodontic treatment. Dr. Fain may recommend Invisalign if you have:

  • Gaps
  • Overbite
  • Underbite
  • Open bite
  • Crowding
  • Crossbite
Resemble mouth-guards Dr. Sylvan Fain Provides Tooth Whitening

The “magic” of Invisalign resides with clear aligner trays. These dental appliances resemble mouth-guards. When worn as advised by your dentist, Invisalign aligner trays gradually reposition teeth. They may move teeth horizontally, vertically, or even rotate them as needed. The aligners are designed in such a way that the appropriate amount of gentle force is applied in just the right place and at the right time.

The power of traditional methods, like braces, comes from a system of brackets and wires that are tightened by your dentist to move teeth into proper position. With braces, an appointment is required every two weeks, so your doctor can tighten the wires, allowing treatment to progress as planned. Since braces are fixed to your teeth, only your dentist can make orthodontic adjustments. Their “fixed” nature also means you can’t remove braces to brush and floss. Wires can also poke the inside of your mouth and irritate delicate tissues.

The issues that have long plagued traditional treatment are eliminated with Invisalign, thanks to the design of the aligner trays. Made from a smooth, BPA-free plastic, aligners customized to your mouth precisely and effectively reposition teeth without the unwanted side effects of braces. The plastic doesn’t rub against the inside of your mouth, so it’s gentle and comfortable. Plus, the plastic is clear, so only you and your dentist must know you’re straightening! Fain Dental Arts’ patients also love that they can remove the aligners when they brush their teeth or floss in-between teeth. This feature helps to keep teeth healthy during treatment. You can also remove them during meals for pleasant, no-hassle chewing.

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As an Invisalign patient, you benefit from the latest technologies!

Invisalign patient Dr. Sylvan Fain Provides Tooth Whitening

On average, it takes about 9 to 18 months to see the full results of Invisalign treatment. But, you don’t have to wait to complete treatment to see progress and what your smile will look like after the process is over. Fain Dental Arts can show you what your treated smile looks like by using specialized Invisalign software. Here’s how it works:

  • The software produces a 3-Dimensional model of your mouth.
  • You and Dr. Fain can view your virtual mouth on a computer monitor.
  • This digital impression guides every stage of your personalized Invisalign treatment plan.
  • A series of aligners are fabricated, based on this model, and measurements and information collected by Dr. Fain during your consultation.
  • Each set of aligner trays corresponds with a different step in your treatment plan. Every two weeks, you’ll remove the current tray and replace it with the tray that corresponds with your next stage in treatment.
  • Every six weeks, you’ll visit our office so the dentist can evaluate your progress.

It’s not unusual to have a slight adjustment period at the start of treatment. Your tissues and muscles require a few days to get used to the aligners. Speaking may feel a little different initially, but these and other modest side effects typically subside in about a week. After treatment is complete, Dr. Fain can also discuss ways to keep those beautiful results! Call 305-891-2621 to get started on the process.

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