Invisalign from your North Miami Beach dentist a simple way to improve your smile

Millions of us may wish that we could make improvements in our smiles. This is especially true when teeth are crowded or crooked, as misalignment can be uncomfortable and embarrassing. Undergoing orthodontic treatment, especially as an adult, can seem intimidating. We associate braces with adolescence, not with our busy adult lifestyle. The development of Invisalign has changed the way we look at orthodontic treatment. People of all ages, can now correct misalignment in a way that is convenient, comfortable, and, most of all, discreet. Undergoing Invisalign treatment with North Miami Beach dentist, Dr. Fain, may be the greatest thing you ever do for your smile.

One of the best things about Invisalign treatment is that aligners are barely noticeable. Because of the discreetness of the aligner design, compliance with orthodontic treatment is easy. Although there are many benefits to this form of treatment, patients should be aware of some factors before they begin their smile-transforming journey with Invisalign.

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The goal of orthodontic treatment of any kind is to reposition the teeth. As such, Invisalign aligners are not designed to fit teeth as they are currently positioned, but to place gentle, constant pressure on teeth so that they will move to their proper alignment. This means that every new aligner tray will feel snug, a bit “off.” For the first few days of wear, or possibly longer, inserting and removing a new aligner may be challenging. Remember, however, that the movement of teeth will lead you to a beautiful, healthy smile that you can feel good about.

Invisalign does not place pressure on all teeth at the same time. Throughout the course of treatment, aligners may be designed to address one area or even one tooth that needs to be repositioned so that other teeth may move. For this reason, the pressure from aligners may feel greater in one or a few areas at times throughout treatment.

The gradual changes that come with each new set of aligners result in a beautifully transformed smile. The team at Fain Dental Arts works closely with patients to ensure a pleasant orthodontic experience. Contact us today for your consultation with Dr. Fain.

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