Invisalign is one of those versatile procedures ideal for teens and adults in North Miami Beach

Before Invisalign was developed, many people preferred to forgo orthodontic treatment. Sporting a “metal mouth” has gone out of style, replaced with discreet, comfortable forms of treatment. Using Invisalign, one of the most versatile procedures to transform orthodontic treatment, Dr. Sylvan Fain of North Miami Beach helps teens and adults of all ages discover their best smiles.

Orthodontic treatment is no longer “just for kids”

For much of the history of orthodontic medicine, the only way to treat misalignment and bite issues has been through metal brackets and wires. Typically, this type of treatment is applied in adolescence. Not every individual has the opportunity to straighten his or her teeth during this time in life. Additional problems may occur even after conventional orthodontics if retainers are not worn consistently for a few years. Unwilling to see their professional image compromised, however, many adults have chosen to forgo treatment that would make them feel better about their smiles.

The development of Invisalign orthodontic treatment has dramatically changed the way people view braces. Now those who are highly conscious of their appearance have a way to make beautiful changes in their smile without it being obvious. Even celebrities and public figures have improved their smiles with Invisalign.

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Beyond beauty

Initially, Invisalign was viewed more as a cosmetic dental treatment, straightening teeth for a better smile. Innovation within this system, however, has made it possible to correct various bite issues such as cross bite and overbite. With the constant improvements taking place with aligner orthodontics, more people are finding their dental issues can be solved without years of metal braces.

Invisalign is a system that lets you straighten your teeth on your terms. Though it is vital to wear aligners at least 22 hours each day, they are removed for meals and for oral hygiene. This means that your lifestyle is not affected by your journey to a beautiful smile. Before meals, aligners can be comfortably removed. After meals, the mouth and aligner can be rinsed with cool water and the aligner easily replaced. It’s that simple. No appliances to trap food, no brackets to brush around, just comfortable, convenient treatment.

Invisalign is ideal for many situations. To discover what this treatment can do for you, contact Fain Dental Arts at 305-891-2621.

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