North Miami smiles sparkle with KöR deep bleaching

North Miami smiles sparkle with KöR deep bleaching

One of the quickest ways to acquire a dazzling, white smile is through teeth whitening. Many factors can contribute to the discoloration of your teeth. Food, drink and tobacco use are the leading culprits but staining can also come from medications, poor dental hygiene, and even age. Teeth whitening can reverse all of those unappealing effects and give you back your smile! Although there are many options you can purchase at your local pharmacy, results usually can’t compete with a whitening treatment offered by a dentist. A dentist is trained in whitening procedures and therefore is a safer avenue and a dentist can assess your individual whitening needs. Dr. Sylvan Fain at Fain Dental Arts in North Miami offers a cutting edge teeth whitening treatment called KöR deep bleaching system.

KöR is a powerful method that has been proven to whiten teeth. The KöR Bleaching System has been ranked among the most effective in teeth whitening. It is effective, safe on teeth and gums, and most patients experience little to no sensitivity. What makes this bleaching treatment different? The whitening gel is absorbed deep past the tooth’s surface dissolving stains. The first step in the KöR system is taking molds of your teeth, and then customized whitening trays are made. This is followed by a quick appointment at the office to discuss the use of your whitening trays and directions for the at-home treatment. You will wear your KöR whitening trays for two weeks at home while sleeping. The trays are thin and comfortable. They also seal the bleaching solution within the tray preventing the gel from leaking into your mouth. The KöR treatment is completed by a final visit to your dentist office to ensure you have reached your desired results.

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The KöR system is essentially permanent with the aid of simple, periodic home maintenance. You can achieve a smile up to 16 shades whiter, depending on the degree of discoloration on your natural teeth. Dr. Fain and staff will assist you in finding the perfect shade for you. If you’re ready to and sport a whiter, brighter smile, look no further than Fain Dental Arts. Fain Dental Arts’ office is conveniently located off Biscayne Boulevard in North Miami. Please call today and let the friendly staff schedule your appointment.

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