Your North Miami Beach dentist offers an excellent alternative to dental bridges

Your North Miami Beach dentist offers an excellent alternative to dental bridges

At Fain Dental Arts, our primary goal is to preserve healthy teeth and gums through preventive care. We understand, however, that this is not possible in every situation. It is important to us that our patients have options for tooth replacement when faced with badly damaged teeth or missing teeth. To date, one of the most common treatment options for a lost tooth is a dental bridge.

A dental bridge may come in one of several designs, either removable or fixed. For obvious reasons, the fixed type is most commonly chosen. This restoration contains an artificial tooth, called a pontic, situated between two dental crowns. These crowns are affixed to the two teeth closest to a gap, gaining stability from these teeth for efficient chewing. Although dental bridges have been used for well over half a century, an alternative treatment might provide even more benefit in most situations.

By using dental implants as an alternative to a dental bridge, your North Miami Beach dentist helps you:

Preserve healthy teeth

One of the issues inherent to bridge work is that two healthy teeth must be reduced and reshaped to accommodate dental crowns. Although dental crowns provide a layer of protection to teeth that have been weakened or damaged, restructuring two healthy teeth unnecessarily is something that dentists try to avoid. Because dental implants are stand-alone restorations that gain their stability from the jawbone, just like natural teeth, there is no need to rely on surrounding teeth for support.

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Preserve bone tissue

In the natural oral structure, teeth are attached to the jawbone via their root. Roots are designed not only for stabilization and nourishment of teeth, but also for the preservation of bone tissue in the jaw. Every time we chew, the force of action is transferred to bone tissue through teeth roots. When the root is missing, stimulation to the jawbone is absent.

When you see an older person who has no teeth, the lips and cheeks have sunken in. The reason this occurs is that bone tissue in the jaw relies on the stimulation of chewing to remain healthy and dense. Tooth replacement with any option other than implants addresses only the lost crown, not the lost root. Strategically inserting dental implants, your dentist ensures that your jawbone will receive the transferred force of chewing as needed.

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