Residents of North Miami can maintain their best smiles with help from their experienced dentist

Residents of North Miami can maintain their best smiles with help from their experienced dentist

We live in an age where we are more aware of the benefits of good overall health. More people are eating better, exercising more, and getting plenty of rest. These actions are incredibly important to keeping the body healthy. However, a major component to health should not be overlooked; otherwise, the effectiveness of other actions is greatly minimized. To keep your body as healthy as possible, it is important to take proper care of teeth and gums. Our office in North Miami is staffed with friendly, experienced professionals who are focused on helping you maintain your best smile. Working with your dentist, you can keep your whole body in better condition.

For years, dental professionals have recommended twice-a-year visits. During these appointments, our dental team goes to work evaluating the condition of teeth and gums using specialized tools, a watchful eye, and x-ray technology, when needed. Your dentist conducts a thorough examination of your mouth to detect problems in their earliest stages. If treatment is needed, details will be discussed so that you are fully confident, and a participant in your oral care. Routine six-month visits also include professional cleanings by our hygienist for the removal of any plaque, and brightening the smile.

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The early detection of dental problems allows quick, conservative treatment. This is why regular dental visits are so important. When we find a cavity in its earliest stages, the amount of repair needed is less, and more natural tooth structure can be preserved. The larger the area of damage from a cavity, the more tooth structure has to be eliminated. This may lead to the need for a dental crown, rather than a small filling.

Children, especially, should visit every six months. This early learning helps create good habits that prolong optimal oral health. We do what we can to make the dental experience positive for all of our patients, and focus on fun, attentive behavior that encourages ongoing care. Our patients, of all ages, are taught the importance of brushing, flossing, and taking other steps to promote oral health, to the point of demonstrations in our office.

All of the tools for your best smile can be found with your dentist. Dr. Fain is the North Miami dentist to handle your family’s various oral health needs. Contact us for your appointment today.

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