Your North Miami dentist can help you get straight teeth without hassle

Western society has evolved significantly in the last century. Notable figures were once as likely to have crooked, discolored teeth as anyone else, but today we are bombarded with images of perfection in those we regularly see splashed across magazine covers or on the big screen. We place great value on appearance today. Our image is a major part of our identity, it is used to create first and lasting impressions on those with whom we work and socialize.

Most people report remembering a person with an attractive smile. With our smiles front and center in our overall image, the benefits of working with your North Miami dentist to get straight, beautiful teeth cannot be overstated. In our experience, straightening a crooked, overcrowded smile can be a life-changing experience.

Orthodontic treatment has, for decades been effective, but also unappealing for several reasons. Conventional bracket and wire orthodontics may move teeth into their best positions, but this unattractive approach has been avoided by many whose smiles could use treatment. The development of Invisalign has changed the way we look at orthodontic treatment.

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A far cry from traditional braces, Invisalign is not brackets and wires that are colored to match teeth. This new and improved approach to straightening teeth addresses the multiple problems associated with conventional orthodontic treatment. Invisalign is based on clear, plastic aligner trays, custom molded to fit tightly to teeth. These aligner trays are so discreet that most people never notice them. They are also comfortable, containing no sharp edges.

Invisalign has made it possible for millions of people to get the smiles they have always wanted. Completing this type of orthodontic treatment is convenient and comfortable. Both dentists and patients appreciate the fact that aligners can be easily removed. For the person undergoing treatment, there are no limitations to food choices, as there are with brackets and wires. Also beneficial is the fact that teeth can be brushed and flossed with greater efficiency in the absence of obstacles cemented to teeth.

If you have long desired a smile that you feel confident in sharing, Invisalign may be the ideal treatment for the accomplishment of your goals. Dr. Fain of Fain Dental Arts in North Miami is a certified Invisalign provider. We can help you gain the self-confidence that comes with a healthy, beautiful smile. Contact us for your consultation today.

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