Patients near North Miami, FL 33181 ask about porcelain veneers

Patients near North Miami, FL 33181 ask about porcelain veneers

Cosmetic dentistry has become an important aspect of the dental field that is becoming more and more deserving of attention. In the past, the only focus was the health of the smile, but over the years, dentists realized how much of a dramatic impact a beautiful smile made on a patient. Self-esteem and confidence improved when patients had aesthetic work done to improve the look of their smile—even when they weren’t born with perfect teeth. This is why many patients who visit the practice of Dr. Sylvan Fain of Fain Dental Arts ask about cosmetic services available to enhance the natural beauty of their smile. Many patients will ask about porcelain veneers.

Patients near North Miami, FL 33181 are interested in learning more about the ways in which veneers can dramatically improve their smiles. Veneers are made of ceramic which is a material commonly used in dentistry to improve a smile. This material mimics the sheen and opaque nature of natural tooth enamel to look beautiful and completely natural when placed. These thin shells of porcelain are bonded by the dentist over the front of a tooth to cover up imperfections commonly noted by patients including unusually shaped teeth, permanent staining and discoloration, misalignment, and breakage.

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Dr. Sylvan Fain of Fain Dental Arts in North Miami, FL 33181 can consult with new and existing patients in his practice to discuss the advantages of porcelain veneers and determine if patients are appropriate candidates for the procedure. He advises patients on the benefits of porcelain veneers and how to take good care of them to allow the restorations to last as long as possible before replacement or repair is necessary. Patients love how they can dramatically change the look of their smile in just a few weeks from start to finish, and enjoy the results for many years to come.

If you live in the North Miami, FL area or surrounding community and have considered the placement of porcelain veneers to improve your smile, contact the team of Fain Dental Arts today to book a consultation appointment with Dr. Sylvan Fain.

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