Miami Beach area dentist describes the cost of a dental implant to replace missing teeth

Miami Beach area dentist describes the cost of a dental implant to replace missing teeth

A smile with missing teeth can not only be unattractive but may be a concern in many ways. Teeth missing from the smile leave behind unsightly gaps that can cause the existing teeth to shift out of place. This results in more spaces that may require orthodontic repair in the future. Instead, patients are urged to consider restorations as soon as their teeth are lost or extracted for not only aesthetic purposes but to help maintain their oral health and keep the smile looking and functioning at its best.

Dr. Sylvan Fain of Fain Dental Arts in the Miami Beach area services patients with many restorative solutions, including that of dental implants. Dental implants have gained continued popularity for many reasons. These restorations are biocompatible, made with titanium metal that integrates into the bone through a process called osseointegration after placement. Dental implants are strong, durable, and extremely versatile. They can be used for replacing one or more teeth, and can even stabilize full dentures. Patients who are considering dental implants may want to speak with their dentist about the many benefits they offer.

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Dental implants are best for patients with a healthy jaw bone, as the bone is what holds the implant in place. Without sufficient bone structure, patients may need to have bone grafting done by a periodontist or consider alternative solutions.

Patients who are considering restorations such as dental implants also want to know how much they cost in order to find out if they will work in their budget. Dental implants vary in cost so it can be difficult for Dr. Sylvan Fain to give patients a quote without a physical examination and consultation appointment. Additionally, some patients may have dental insurance plans that can provide effective coverage and can greatly reduce the out-of-pocket expense required to have implants placed. All of this can be discussed during an evaluation with the team of Fain Dental Arts to help individuals in deciding if implants are an economical way of replacing the teeth. Though dental implants often cost more upfront, they provide a lifetime of restoration and hold their value better than alternative solutions such as dentures and bridges.

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