Why you should choose professional teeth whitening North Miami

Why you should choose professional teeth whitening North Miami

Do you love your morning coffee but hate how dingy looking it leaves your teeth? Has one of your friends recently received whitening services, leaving you envious of their sparkling smile? These days, it’s easy to achieve the bright white smile you have always wanted. At Fain Dental Arts, we offer several different options to restore your teeth to a youthful white sheen.

First, let’s look at what causes tooth stain:

  • Genetics. Let’s face it; the tooth color you’re born with will affect the whiteness of your teeth later in life.
  • Eating habits. Consumption of red wine, coffee, tea, sodas and acidic foods can cause breakdown of enamel and staining of the tooth.
  • Smoking. Nicotine use will leave brown spots on the teeth.
  • Age. Teeth tend to darken over the years because of stain accumulation.
  • Grinding. Tooth grinding can lead to dark spots along the edges of the teeth.

Professional or in-office teeth whitening will produce quicker results than over-the-counter at home alternatives. Patients typically see results after one session, although several sessions are usually recommended to reach the optimal white color.

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There are several important factors to take into account when considering professional tooth whitening at Fain Dental Arts:

  • The strength of the bleaching agent. In-office methods often contain five to ten times the concentrated levels of hydrogen peroxide, resulting in stronger bleach.
  • Protective measures. In the office, we will provide you with a rubber shield along with a gel to protect the gums from the effects of the bleaching.
  • Customized mouthpiece trays. Dr. Fain will fit you with a mouthpiece that will ensure that all of your teeth are evenly exposed to the whitening gel.
  • Dental supervision. Even if you decide to go with an at home kit provided by us, you will be followed up with visits to ensure the custom tray fits correctly, to check the gums for any signs of irritation, and to make sure we are using the appropriate type of whitening agent.

Individuals who choose to come to Fain Dental Arts for teeth whitening procedures will find themselves on the way to whiter, brighter teeth in just a few short visits. Call us today to schedule a consultation.

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