Miami patients love the benefits of at-home teeth whitening

Miami patients love the benefits of at-home teeth whitening

Having whiter teeth is the number one aesthetic concern among our patients today. This is good news, because teeth whitening is one of the most effective, affordable, and accessible means of transforming the appearance of the smile. At Fain Dental Arts, we make it easy to achieve that dazzling smile with two different options: at-home and in-office whitening.

In-office whitening can completely alter the smile in a single one-hour appointment. It’s an amazing option for patients who are under time constraints for a big event or simply like to see fast results. At-home whitening is another great option and is perfect for patients who want to transform the brightness of the smile gradually and discreetly.

At-home whitening is quickly becoming the most preferred method among patients. This is for several reasons.

  1. Convenience – Many patients like the idea of using the trays and gel in the comfort of home.
  2. Sensitivity – At-home whitening tends to cut down on sensitivity issues, which are a common side effect of whitening treatments.
  3. Touch-ups – With at-home trays, patients can keep them for periodic touch-ups, which can be a major benefit.
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To begin an at-home tooth whitening regimen, you will need to schedule a consultation appointment at our office. The first thing we will do is check the health of the mouth, looking for signs of decay or gum disease. If there is decay or disease present, it will need to be addressed prior to starting a whitening treatment. We will then take molds of the teeth for fabrication of the custom trays.

Once the trays are complete, you will return for a subsequent visit to check for proper fit. You will then be given a whitening solution with instructions for applying the gel and how long to keep it on the teeth.

It’s important to note that dental restorations cannot be whitened. For patients with extensive or visible restorations, it will be important to replace those so they blend in with the newly whitened teeth.

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