North Miami residents wonder about the cost of Zoom Teeth Whitening

North Miami residents wonder about the cost of Zoom Teeth Whitening

A white, dazzling smile is associated with youth and beauty. The dimming of that smile is associated with age or neglect. Yellowing of the teeth has several causes: age, genetics, foods like berries, drinks like coffee or tea, medications, and lifestyle choices such as smoking.

Whitening products are popular and widely available, from over the counter toothpastes, to whitening strips, to treatments available from a dentist. Many products use abrasive materials to polish the enamel to remove surface stains, and use hydrogen or carbamide peroxide to remove stains below the surface.

The Zoom2! Whitening in-office process itself takes about an hour. Once in the dentist’s chair, a short procedure is done to cover and protect the patient’s lips and gums while leaving the teeth exposed. The Zoom Whitening gel, containing hydrogen peroxide, is applied. The Zoom light is used, which works with the gel to penetrate and break up deep stains. The gel is reapplied every fifteen minutes for three sessions, a total time of forty-five minutes. Afterwards, a fluoride gel that reduces sensitivity is applied.

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Some patients have experienced sensitivity during the treatment, as the light produces a minimal amount of heat. This is easily controlled by an anti-sensitivity toothpaste the patient uses before the treatment.

For maintenance, the patient is given a take home touch up kit including whitening trays custom fitted to the patient. The dentist will give instructions on use, and may advise moderation in staining food and drink to avoid re-staining. The dentist may also recommend a whitening toothpaste to maintain the results of the treatment.

While the Zoom! Whitening process is not covered by most insurance companies, Fain Dental Arts accepts cash, checks, credit cards, and has a prepayment discount available to our patients. Financing options are available with flexible payment schedules. We want to make it easy for our patients to achieve their dental goals. Contact Fain Dental Arts to schedule a consultation with Dr. Fain at 305-891-2621.

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